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Mentoring and Coaching
Good coaching is critical to great leadership. It is said that effective mentorship at the right time can have a life-long positive impact on their mentees’ lives. 


Leverage Our Experience In:

  • Fortune 100 size companies down to small enterprise/team transformation

  • Business agility and dealing with complexity

  • Agile and Lean mindset and methods

  • Cynefin and solutions thinking

  • Innovation and intrapreneurship

  • Portfolio and product life cycle and governance design

  • Culture change and organizational design

  • Servant and synergistic leadership and management development

  • Executive mentoring and executive team coaching

Free Consultation Session:
Successful mentoring and team coaching requires a strong level of comfort, connection, and trust between you and your mentor or team coach.  We feel it is critical that we spend one free session together to understand that our personalities and communication styles are compatible.  In this 60-minute session, we will explore the following topics: what it's like for somebody who already has an idea of what they want to do or knows what they are doing but could use some expert input.
  • Answer questions about nuAgility mentoring and team coaching 

  • Clarify what you want to accomplish/future state

  • Look at how you will measure progress towards those goals

  • Explore the key inhibitors and strategies towards those goals

  • Evaluate our interaction and understand the next steps

Book Your Free Consultation:

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