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The Lab Experience and Agenda

When it comes to addressing complex business issues such as strategy and organizational change, relying on a simple methodology or framework is insufficient. Instead, a multifaceted approach that involves adaptive thinking, collaborative decision-making, and a comprehensive toolkit to navigate your organization's unique dynamics is necessary.


This is precisely why the Strategic Agility Lab is not your typical workshop or conference. The event aims to enhance your organizational agility and responsiveness through experiential learning, expert guidance, and mentorship to expand your toolkit. You will actively participate in hands-on activities, simulations, case studies, and real-world challenges to help you achieve exceptional results for your company.

Throughout the two-day event, each session will commence by delving into a specific topic or challenge that is pertinent to our industry. These brief kickoffs will introduce new tools, concepts, or challenges, with the aim of stimulating collaboration among you and your peers at the event. The goal is to foster an environment where collective expertise can be harnessed to generate innovative solutions and insights, ultimately driving progress and addressing the pressing issues within our field.

The following program agenda provides a flexible framework for our journey. Please note that we may dynamically adjust to optimize learning outcomes as we practice with the introduced methods. We are excited for the next two days!


Thursday, October 26th

Registration and Breakfast
Lab Session 2:  What is Strategic Agility?

What is Strategic Agility: Strategic Agility involves adopting a flexible and adaptable mindset to detect and respond swiftly to opportunities or challenges across various circumstances, thereby sustaining or enhancing stakeholder value. It is a broader concept that extends beyond buzzwords and using Agile exclusively for software development and encompasses the entire organization.  We will also delve into the power of networking and its ability to enhance your connections and catalyze meaningful change. Learn how to leverage networking as a strategic tool to broaden your perspectives, access diverse insights, and forge alliances that can drive innovation and growth.

Lab Session 2:  Strategic Agility Innovation

This session will explore strategies for creating an agile culture within organizations. We will emphasize the importance of embracing change, continuous learning, and experimentation as key ingredients for staying ahead of the curve. Discover how these elements can shape a culture that fosters adaptability, innovation, and resilience. Then, drawing on insights from various fields, we will identify the factors contributing to a culture of agility, including leadership, communication, and collaboration.

Lunch and Networking
12 PM
Lab Session 3:  Creating Resilience

We will uncover the characteristics of beneficial resilience, including adaptability, flexibility, and agility. Explore how these qualities empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the face of challenges and uncertainties. We will also delve into the realm of non-beneficial forms of resilience, such as stubbornness and rigidity, and learn strategies to overcome these barriers that hinder growth and progress. Gain valuable insights and practical techniques for breaking free from limiting mindsets and embracing the power of resilience.

Lab Session 4:  The “Messy” Middle

A  journey to understand the "messy" middle—the space between top-level leadership and frontline teams where change can often become stagnant. Explore the factors that contribute to this phenomenon and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on organizational agility. Discover how to break away from entrenched norms and foster a culture of agility within this crucial group. Learn how to overcome resistance to change, build alignment, and create an environment that promotes continuous improvement.

Dinner, Evening Event, Networking
6 PM
“The conversations were absolutely fantastic and great sharing of knowledge. Overall, the lab experience was top-notch and I would give it a perfect 10 out of 10!”

2022 Attendee

Friday, October 26th

Registration and Breakfast
Lab Session 5:  From Strategy to Action

We will dive into practical techniques that align teams with strategic objectives and empower them to take action. Learn how to facilitate focused discussions, set clear goals, and define actionable plans that drive successful outcomes. Through real-life examples and interactive exercises, our expert facilitators will guide you through the Agile inception process, highlighting the benefits of engaging teams early and creating a shared understanding of strategic priorities. Gain insights into fostering a collaborative environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and accountability.

Lunch and Networking
12 PM
Lab Session 6:  Beyond Frameworks and Recipes

We break free from rigid methodologies and explore the power of expanding your problem-solving toolkit. In this session, we will challenge the notion that Agile frameworks alone can solve all problems. Instead, we'll focus on equipping you with diverse problem-solving techniques and approaches.  Discover how to identify the correct problems to solve and select the most appropriate tools from your toolkit to drive effective solutions.

Closing - Community Connection
3 PM

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