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We need your story!

nuAgility has spent the last five years collecting stories from different industries about organizational agility. They aim to analyze these narratives and identify patterns hindering or accelerating teams. This ongoing effort helps nuAgility understand the common challenges and barriers organizations face and the factors contributing to success.

Please help us reach our goal of 2,000 stories! Share your organization's experience with improving business agility, positive or negative, exciting or a learning experience. It's anonymous and takes only a few minutes. Your contribution promotes effective and resilient business practices. Thank you!  Scroll down and press the green "Press Here to Start" to begin. 

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How does this work?

Narrative and storytelling sensemaking is an approach that helps people understand complex situations. It involves gathering personal narratives and identifying patterns, often using questionnaires. This process transforms scattered information into meaningful and relatable stories, valuable for guiding change in organizations or communities. It's particularly effective in emotionally charged or complex situations, aiding decision-making and enhancing collective understanding by sharing experiences and insights.

At nuAgility, we harness the power of narrative and storytelling data to serve our community more effectively. We don't just collect stories; we dive deep into the wealth of information they provide, carefully analyzing emerging patterns. Doing so gives us valuable insights into the common challenges and issues our community members face.

But our commitment goes beyond mere analysis. We use the knowledge derived from these narratives as a foundation for designing tailored programs and initiatives. These programs are specifically crafted to address our community's prevalent problems and concerns.

In essence, our approach is rooted in the belief that stories hold the key to understanding our community's real needs and aspirations. We don't just listen; we actively respond, utilizing the collective wisdom shared through narratives to shape positive change and make a meaningful impact. 


If you want to do narrative sensemaking in your community or company, please get in touch with us. We have done this work for for-profit and non-profit businesses and community groups. 

Current Results

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Each dot represents a story in our database. A red dot represents a story of concern, and a black dot represents something hopeful.

Hopeful:           95
Concerned:  120
Neutral:         239
Picture of results

*Data is updated every 48hour

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