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We need your story!

nuAgility has spent the last five years collecting stories from different industries about business agility. They aim to analyze these narratives and identify patterns hindering or accelerating teams. This ongoing effort helps nuAgility understand the common challenges and barriers organizations face and the factors contributing to success.

Please help us reach our goal of 2,000 stories! Share your organization's experience with improving business agility, positive or negative, exciting or a learning experience. It's anonymous and takes only a few minutes. Your contribution promotes effective and resilient business practices. Thank you!  Scroll down and press the green "Press Here to Start" to begin. 

Current Results

Each dot represents a story in our database. A red dot represents a story of concern, and a black dot represents something hopeful.

Hopeful:           95
Concerned:  120
Neutral:         239

*Data is updated every 48hour

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