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Our Mission

nuAgility is a social enterprise focused on transforming how companies and individuals deliver customer value since 2017. We achieve this by helping to create effective workplaces that foster adaptable and customer-centric cultures driven by better methodologies and strategies. Our belief is centered on building a world where businesses and their stakeholders can thrive. As a social enterprise, we reinvest our profits to fund programs that benefit our members and the greater community.

  • What is a Social Enterprise?
    A social enterprise is a business that operates with the primary goal of addressing social or environmental issues while also generating revenue to sustain and grow its operations. Unlike traditional for-profit companies that prioritize maximizing shareholder value, social enterprises aim to positively impact society by fulfilling their mission.
  • Are you a Non-Profit?
    We are not a non-profit organization and do not have tax-exempt status. This allows us to have more flexibility in terms of funding our mission. Our company generates revenue primarily through our services to businesses, sponsorships, and community memberships. We use these funds to support various programs, including our ACN podcast, webinars, and other free resources available on our website.
  • Are you a Business Consultancy?
    We offer top-notch consulting and training services to achieve our mission and raise funds to support it. We also direct you to other partner companies that share in our mission. Please set up a free consultation to see if we are the right fit for your company.
  • What Support Do You Give Individuals?
    We provide various programs including workshops, events, forums, mentorship, and discounts to enhance your skills. As a member, you are our top priority.
  • How to Help?
    Our mission has multiple ways for you to participate and support us. One of the easiest ways is to become a supporting member or sponsor of our work. Additionally, we welcome in-kind support, including the time and skills you can provide to our efforts, just like the people listed on this page.

The People Who Make it Happen

Our dedicated team and industry contributors are the backbone of the Agile Coaching Network, Business and Strategic Agility Labs, and our workshops, events, and initiatives. Thanks to their commitment to our mission, we are able to provide valuable resources and drive positive change in the industry. We owe it all to them and are grateful for their efforts.

Not a member? Join us today!
Join us in our mission to create a world where everyone in our community can thrive at work. nuAgility offers its members access to a variety of resources, discounts on events, workshops, and services, as well as a supportive member community. By becoming a member, you can help us expand these resources and make them more accessible to others and, in turn, better our industry.
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