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What is the Business Agility Lab?

The Business Agility Lab is a unique program designed for senior executives, business leaders, and Agile practitioners interested in exploring business agility and its application to their organizations. The program was part of the Agile 2019-2022 conferences, a premier event for the Agile community. Starting in 2023, the event is breaking out as a stand-alone event.

The Business Agility Lab is a two-day immersive experience that offers a combination of interactive sessions, case studies, and workshops. The program is designed to help participants understand the principles and practices of business agility, explore the challenges and opportunities of Agile transformation, and learn from the experiences of other organizations.

The program covers various topics related to business agility, including Agile leadership, Agile strategy, Agile finance, Agile marketing, and Agile HR. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, collaborate with other participants, and learn from experienced coaches and practitioners.

The Business Agility Lab is a unique opportunity for business leaders to gain a deeper understanding of Agile and its potential impact on their organizations. In addition, it is an excellent platform for networking, sharing experiences, and learning from others in the Agile community.

The program for the event can be found at (Note: the program page is expected to go live in late March)

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