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Two-Day Leadership Retreat

for Building Organizational 
Flexibility, Speed, Experimentation, Culture, and Foresight

October 26 - 27, Portland, Oregon
Don't miss out - limited seating available!

Registration Package Only: $749.00

Enjoy a two-day pass, essential materials, and all meals included.

(Accommodations not included)

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Unlock Your Business Potential

Welcome to the Strategic Agility Lab 2023 (formerly the Business Agility Lab), where our distinguished team of seasoned business leaders is dedicated to guiding you through two immersive days of transformative working sessions and delivering personalized mentorship. Our mission is to address the core challenges, cultivate a resilient mindset, and unlock your company's untapped potential in meeting the ever-evolving needs of your customers. By the end of this intensive retreat, you and your team will emerge equipped with invaluable skills to propel your journey toward building a more agile, responsive, and forward-thinking organization.

Two Immersive Days of Learning

The Strategic Agility Lab creates a collaborative and immersive environment where participants can learn from experts, exchange ideas with peers, and actively work towards transforming their organization's agility and responsiveness. The event is intentionally limited to under 100 attendees to maximize engagement, foster meaningful connections, and ensure personalized interactions that drive profound learning and collaboration.

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Day 1
Unraveling Complexity

The first step in strategic agility: Exploring the intricacies of the challenges we face to gain deeper insights and pave the way for practical solutions.

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Day 2

Transformative Action

Taking action: Empowering you with the knowledge and tools to catalyze positive change and create a lasting impact.

Who Should Attend?

Our Lab is ideally suited for individuals and teams involved in or responsible for driving organizational agility, innovation, and strategic transformation. The following professionals would greatly benefit from attending:

  • Executive and Senior Leaders

  • Change Agents and Transformation Leaders

  • Consultants focused on improving organizations. 

  • HR and Talent Development Professionals

  • Innovation and Strategy Managers

Ultimately, individuals and teams seeking to gain insights, learn best practices, and network with like-minded professionals in order to drive business agility and foster a culture of innovation would find value in attending this event.

People networking
“The conversations were absolutely fantastic and great sharing of knowledge. Overall, the lab experience was top-notch and I would give it a perfect 10 out of 10!”

2022 Attendee

Meet Your Facilitators!

Our team of highly experienced facilitators has accumulated decades of invaluable experience, working closely with a diverse range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, startups, and small businesses. Each facilitator is renowned as a world-class leader in their respective fields, which uniquely qualifies them to provide expert guidance and support throughout our two days of activities.

Shawna Cullinan

Shawna Cullinan

Co-Founder Cicada Agility

Ray Arell

Ray Arell

Executive Director nuAgility

Diana Larsen

Diana Larsen

Leadership Agility Advisor at

Tobey Aumann

Tobey Aumann

Principal Flow Advisor

Rhea Stadick

Rhea Stadick

Director of Agile Leadership

Julia Kaissling

Julia Kaissling

Co-Founder Cicada Agility

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Bring Your Team and Learn Together!

Boost your team's success in improving your business agility with our event! Explore the latest concepts, techniques, and strategies to help your business build organizational agility by bringing your team along. We recommend bringing your executive sponsor and change agents from critical departments such as HR, IT, product development, and finance.

Enjoy up to 20% off with our multi-person discount and give your team a valuable opportunity to learn and grow together while gaining unique perspectives from top industry experts and thought leaders.

*Team discounts are not combinable with other discounts and are not on top of any specials. Team discounts are applicable only on non-discounted event prices.

Our Venue

Historic Kennedy School Hotel - McMenamins

Portland, Oregon

Since its 1915 opening, this historic elementary school has been a beloved fixture of its Northeast Portland neighborhood. Experience the full spectrum of our event by staying for the nighttime activities! While you may be a local attendee, we highly recommend booking a room and immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Kennedy School after dark. From networking opportunities to engaging talks and entertainment, our evening events are not to be missed. Who knows what connections you might make or insights you might gain over a drink or two? So go ahead, indulge in the full event experience! 

kennedy school

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