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Dude's Law

What is Dude's Law

Dude's Law is a principle coined by the late Agile coach and consultant David Hussman that emphasizes the importance of simplicity in development. It can be represented by the equation Value = Why/How, where "Why" stands for the vision, purpose, customer empathy, joy, and other reasons for building a product, while "How" refers to the development processes used.

The law serves as a reminder that although a certain level of "How" is necessary to create a product, it should always be balanced with a considerable dose of "Why." This means the team should aim to make the simplest possible solution to the problem instead of over-complicating things right from the start. By focusing on the "Why" and gradually building up the "How" over time, the team can ensure that the final product truly adds value to the end user.

Here is David talking about Dude's Law back in 2012:

Video Source: Chris Shinkle



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