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What is Lean?

Lean refers to a set of principles, practices, and tools focused on maximizing value while minimizing waste in a given process or system. Originally developed in the manufacturing industry, lean has since been applied to various fields, including healthcare, software development, and service industries.

At its core, lean aims to eliminate any activities or resources that do not directly contribute to creating value for the customer. This involves a continuous improvement approach, where processes are constantly reviewed and refined to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Some key principles of lean include:

  1. Identifying value from the customer's perspective

  2. Mapping the value stream and identifying areas of waste

  3. Creating flow by eliminating non-value-adding steps and streamlining the process

  4. Pulling work through the system based on customer demand

  5. Striving for perfection through continuous improvement and respect for people.

By adopting lean principles and practices, organizations can achieve higher productivity, increased quality, and improved customer satisfaction while reducing costs and waste.



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