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What is an Open Space event?

An Open Space event, also known as an Open Space Technology (OST) event, is a type of conference or meeting where participants create and manage their own agenda. In an Open Space event, there is no pre-determined agenda or schedule. Instead, the participants are invited to propose and organize their own sessions around a central theme or topic.

Open Space events are typically organized around a central question or theme, which serves as a starting point for discussion and collaboration. The participants are free to propose their own topics and sessions, which are then added to a schedule board. Participants are free to move between sessions and contribute to the discussions as they see fit.

The principles of Open Space events include:

  •  Whoever comes is the right people

  •  Whatever happens, is the only thing that could have

  •  Whenever it starts is the right time

  •  When it's over, it's over

Open Space events are often used in situations where complex issues need to be discussed or where there is a need for collaboration and creativity. They are particularly effective when a diverse group of participants has different perspectives and experiences. Open Space events encourage creativity, innovation, and collaboration by allowing participants to create and manage their own agenda. They can lead to new insights and ideas that might have yet to emerge in a more structured event format.

If you want to see how Open Space events work, please watch the following video about one of the oldest conferences that use this format: 

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