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Abandoning the Agile Brand

Snake oil salesman

I just returned from attending the Agile 2023 conference in Orlando, and something has been on my mind. I noticed that a fair number of individuals I met at the event had removed the term "Agile" from their job titles. This has piqued my curiosity and made me wonder about the implications for the future of Agile. So during my time at the conference, I spoke to several people to understand their motivations for rebranding themselves.

Reason 1: It's a Label That No Longer Fits:

Some professionals have abandoned the "Agile" label in their job titles because they want a more comprehensive professional identity. Agile practitioners have expanded their skill sets to include other frameworks such as Lean, DevOps, Design Thinking, and complex adaptive systems. They see Agile as a stepping stone toward a broader landscape of methodologies. So they want job titles encompassing their diverse roles and skills, and using "Agile" in a job title is considered too limiting and no longer representative of their full range of expertise.

Reason 2: It's a Damaged Brand:

Some individuals are avoiding the "Agile" label due to the adverse effects of misrepresentation and the spread of ineffective "snake oil" practices and frameworks. Some people and consulting firms misunderstand Agile principles or use Agile terminology without truly embodying its core values, which leads to unsuccessful projects, demoralizing teams, and damaging the brand even further. These occurrences have led to doubts about the credibility of Agile, causing practitioners to distance themselves from the label to protect their careers. Consequently, many individuals are concealing their Agile practices using alternative names to avoid criticism from those who have lost confidence in the term.

Regardless, it is a Wakeup Call:

Regardless of the reasons behind the changes in job titles, it is evident that a significant paradigm shift is underway. It's natural for individuals to outgrow the Agile community and seek alternative descriptions for themselves. However, dishonest practitioners' misuse of the Agile brand is a matter of great concern and has long been unaddressed. It tarnishes the reputation of Agile and undermines trust in genuine Agile practitioners. This situation demands a call to action from our community and non-profit organizations like the Agile Alliance. By working together and better representing good Agile patterns and practices, we can reclaim the integrity of the Agile brand and ensure that it remains viewed as a valuable and trustworthy approach to work.

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